Poolrite WA

Poolrite WA is a locally owned distributor for Poolrite Equipment.

Poolrite makes everything from Filters, Pumps, Chlorinators, Skimmer Boxes and Spare Parts.

One of the innovative product lines introduced was the Mineral Pool Water Technology.

Mineral chlorides will replace the use of traditional chloride salts in your pool.

Mineral chlorides contain - Potassium and Magnesium chlorides which are both superior alternatives to Sodium chlorides, both in chloride content and environmental impact.

By example -  back washing your sand filter with water containing minerals provides essential nutrients for supporting plant life such as your garden and lawns.

You can become part of the solution in finding a way to conserve our most valuable natural resource - our fresh water supply.

The health benefits of Magnesium have been well documented throughout recorded history, and links have have been made to the human nervous and cardiovascular system health, as well as body rejuvenation and anti-aging.

Convert your pool to a mineral water today!

If you already own a pool, speak to your local pool store about converting your current salt, chlorine or other systems to the mineral technology.