SplashMe Pool Automation

SplashMe Pool Automation

Manufacturer: Poolrite

Upgrade existing systems or integrate with new builds, this WIFI enabled real-time controller will monitor water quality and control equipment all from your smart phone. No more manual water testing or dosing


The App becomes your all-in-one automation controller. Real - time contol at your finger tips anytime,anywhere

No complicated home networks required.

Built -in variable speed drive designed to convert any single speed filter pump to a highly efficient , VARIABLE SPEED pump. Massive saving on purchase costs and running costs

Controls solar heating/gas heating & electric heat pumps all at your finger tips

Commercial duty probe & Peristaltic pumps for liquid dosing ( acid and liquid chlorine )

Salt water/ mineral pool  chlorinator demand output is monitored by controller

In built pool and spa actuator contoller

Contols accesories- air blowers-pool lights-garden lights-heating pumps-robotic cleaners-

Automated scheduling takes care of all functions

Water turn over and flow is automatically adjusted to maintain water quality

Auto backwash or filter cleaning alert

Track your costs by inputing your tarif charges into the controller

Ideal for the service persons who maintain pool equipment for their customers. Real-time analysis via the app.