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Mineral Water for Swimming Pools

Health - Beauty - Environment

Magnesium chloride minerals help detox the skin and body - relieve muscle aches and pains - reduce stress levels - raise levels of magnesium internally at a celluar level More info »

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Poolrite WA

POOLRITE EQUIPMENT has been continually available in the West Australian and Australian market place for more than 3 decades.

Poolrite was first established in 1978 in Sydney's western suburbs. Today the Poolrite brand is still regarded as the best Aussie Made Pool & Spa Equipment available.

Over the years Poolrite has successfully introduced many new innovative products, including the SQI Quietline Pumps, Diamond Kleen Filter Media and of coarse the revolutionary Magnesium Mineral Pool Water technology.

Poolrite WA remains passionate about their committment to the Pool and Spa Industry, their product range, product quality and their valued customers.

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Magnesium Minerals

Poolrite, the Original Magnesium Mineral Pool water people are committed to providing environmental solutions for swimming pools.

Poolrite the company behind the mineral pool science is still providing the mineral formulation in conjunction with an improved multi mineral generator for those of you who want an alternative.

New Installations and Existing Pool Water Conversions can be completed by your Pool Builder or Pool Shop Professional.

Poolrite's Magnesium Multi Mineral generator converts the Magnesium minerals into a compound that leaves your skin always feeling soft, moisturised and nourished.

Relax, rejuvenate and re-energise in your own private mineral bath. 

Chlorinator Systems After market spares

Australia's largest seller of replacement Salt Water Cell Units and associated Spare Parts.

We carry replacement parts for all major brands.

Poolrite has been  Australia's most trusted equipment supplier with coverage throughout Australia.

All cell units are manufactured from the highest quality titanium plate material & built to endure harsh operating conditions experienced in Australia.



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